WIMA History

WIMA tortenetWIMA, Women’s International Motorcycle Association, is an international organization of motorcycling women with currently over 2000 members world-wide.

WIMA was founded by Louise SCHERBYN, an American woman, who started motorcycling in the 1930s, a time when this was not only unusual for women, but frowned upon. Scherbyn rode her Indian through the US and Canada and made many contacts to other women interested in motorcycling. Finally, in 1950 she founded WIMA with a few others.

The idea was adopted in Europe by women from Holland, England, Germany and Switzerland in 1958. They founded WIMA-Europe and put ads into motorcycling magazines. Gradually individual country organizations were formed.

“I believe that there should be a world-wide organization for all women motorcyclists. Why not unite as a body in exchanging ideas and opinions, problems and advice? And with this came the initial step of the founding of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. People said to me at the time this endeavor would be impossibility. My love of the sport and my determination carried me on to make it a possibility and eventually a successful reality. With the help of every member and some wonderful friends, WIMA has now grown today to be the largest women’s motorcycle organization in the world. And that is girls, how it all began.”

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One of the original founders was Ellen Pfeiffer, whom some of us still knew. The “ELLEN-PFEIFFER AWARD”, which is awarded at the annual meeting to women who has contributed to the interests of motorcycling women or other promotion of women and motorcycles, is named after her.

The main WIMA event is the annual rally. This is a one-week long motorcycle meeting hosted each year by a different country.

In 2016 Hungary is the organizer.