Wima Rally Ausztria 2012

On Sunday 29th of July I started my 530km trip alone, like last year. I was very excited and hoped that it will not rain. Until my destination it rained minimum 3 times, but I survived.

My Fiancé came from Budapest and we met there at the camp site, this time we represented Hungary together.

wima-ausztria1 wima-ausztria2

From Prague I drove with 4 Friends from Germany, they left Berlin already on Friday, so the last “few” kilometer we drove together.

Hanfdorf – Reingers is on the Czech border from northern Austria.  The city has 688 residents, they were waiting for us on the street waving with a big smile.

Although for or me it was only the 2nd Wima, I was very pleased to note that the well-known faces from last year remember me. From 14 Countries, 170 people arrived, what is considering a small number of participants. The fact, that we could only accommodate in tent, about 80-100 people less Wima friends have come. Only 5 Men represented the stronger side, but we talk about a Female biker’s association, right?


On the first day after registration to set up the tents, greeting the others and of course having the first beer was the program. Touring around the area we note that the organizers have found again a wonderful location for this WIMA event.

wima-ausztria4 wima-ausztria5

At the welcome dinner the tables were decorated with Reinger’s culture plants which is basically wild cannabis. They make cloths, oil, soap, rope and even beer out of it which we have drunk a couple of it J

On Wednesday at 10 we started the procession with the attendance of the police. After arriving of the kilometer long convoy, we got a surprise and drove forward with a small railroad to a hangar where we could eat, drink and dance with the local folklore band.

wima-ausztria6 wima-ausztria7

On Thursday we had the treasure hunts, what I would call like an orientation competition. It was really a challenge to find the places based on a drawn map.

On the same day afternoon we had our usual president meeting where we elected Malaysia as a new division and Claudia Fehrer as a new international president of the WIMA.

At the farewell dinner the Switzerland members had their presentation regarding the next year WIMA Rally.


We collected again plenty of experience what we would like to use in our Wima Rally Hungary to be hold in 2016.