WIMA Rally England 2011

Some friends from Berlin told me about WIMA and I listened to the previous experiences with great interest. This

year as a guest I had the possibility to take part in this great event.

The WIMA, specifically: Women’s International Motorcycle Association is existing more than 60 years and each year

organizes a rally where only members can participate, of course with one guest. ( more info in English: http://www.wimaworld.com/ )

Last year it was organized in Japan for the 60th anniversary, this year it was in England, Lancaster the area of the Cumbria University.

Excitedly started my long journey that I had to organize several months before because I needed travel bags, rainwear, rain glows…, known that it can be rainy in England.


The girl I wanted to go with had an accident just a day before our departure so unfortunately I had to drive alone like a lonely wolf.  I was really not in the mood to drive, because it was raining like hell in Berlin, but when you need to go, then you have to go. The event started on Monday, but I left the city already on Friday, because I wanted to visit some friends living in Nottingham.

The first stage until Netherlands, Rotterdam was 740 km, from here I had to take the ferry to Hull. Waiting for the ferry I met some British bikers, they helped me to fix the bike on the ship. I had no idea what I have to do with the stuff the ferry workers pushed in the hands in order to fix my bike safe for the trip. After that we had few bier with my new acquaintances, I’ve got some lessons about the speed limits in England and the cameras in the traffic lights, in the meanwhile practicing the British English.

wima-rally-england2 wima-rally-england3

On Sunday short before arrival, as I saw the English land from the ship I could only think about: KEEP LEFT, KEEP LEFT!!! Luckily I could drive with the local English guys for a while and after 150 km driving on the “wrong side” I arrived safely in Nottingham, where I spent a relaxed day.

On Monday early afternoon when I arrived to Lancaster and wherever I looked I saw the female motor bikers from all around the world.

By the welcome dinner I met finally with the people I know from Berlin. After the dinner the party started with a Tina Turner lookalike and some disco.


wima-rally-england5 wima-rally-england6

I’ve got an invitation for the president meeting on Tuesday, where I presented Hungary and its female bikers as a new possible division beside Korea, India and Curacao. I was very excited and hardly found the words front of 14 representatives of the following countries: Australia, England, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, Sweden, Curacao and Austria. Special thanks to the Netherlands, who offered a small amount of the initial establishment of WIMA-Hungary.

On Wednesday I had a little adventure. My bike stopped continuously so I had to take it to the service where they changed the spark plugs, set up the carburetor, sprayed the chain and cleaned it for 150 £. I got a 250 GSX Suzuki as spare bike so we could still go to the sea side for a trip as it was planned.

wima-rally-england7 wima-rally-england8

Every day we had good programs. Well organized tours, beautiful places, landscapes, unprecedented places, high-quality roads. Sightseeing, school games, almost every night party with DJ, karaoke and of course socializing of the international female bikers.

wima-rally-england9 wima-rally-england10 wima-rally-england11 wima-rally-england12

On Saturday with 2 Ladies from Berlin we left the location heading to Harwich. We have taken the ferry back to Holland. The trip to Berlin which is 740 km we planned for one day. That was a very bad idea, because we’ve got lots of rain and it was very tiring.

wima-rally-england13 wima-rally-england14

After 10 days and 2700 km it was a fantastic feeling to sleep in my own bed.

Discover photos: http://www.sportmotor.hu/motoros_kepek/motoros_talalkozo/?dr=58308